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Preston Genealogical web sites

  • "The Preston Genealogy" - L. A. Wilson and William Bowker Preston, Deseret News, 1900
  • "The Stevens and allied families" - Pat M. Stevens IV
  • The Preston Family Bible - rootsweb.ancestry.com

Are you a Preston descendent?

Are Your Related to the Prestons of Smithfield?

Between the years of 1717 and 1776, approximately 250,000 Scots-Irish people emigrated from Ulster, Ireland to America. A great number of these settled in the Valley of Virginia. Among these were the forebears of the Prestons of Smithfield. 

The Preston family has built a rich legacy of accomplishment and leadership.  Should you wish to inquire about the genealogy of the family of William and Susanna Preston, please contact Mr. Ray Scott at rscott@smithfieldplantation.org.  Mr. Scott is a Preston descendent and enjoys helping with the genealogy of his family.