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2014 Day Sponsors

Date Sponsor Honoring
03/25/2014 John D. Rose In Recognition of Mrs. Joann Sutphin
04/04/2014 Eldridge and Belva Collins In Honor of Smithfield Retiring Volunteers Diane Hoover, Nancy Felch and June Stubbs, and Retiring Staff Member Jackie Eddy with Sincerest Thanks
05/01/2014 Wagner & Huber, PLC On Law Day, In Recognition of Derrick Brooks and Austin Richards
06/15/2014 Glenn and LaVina Tyndall In Honor of their Anniversary
07/05/2014 Curtis and Karen Finch In Honor of their 51st Wedding Anniversary
08/05/2014 William G. and Judith Foster, Jr. In Honor of their Wedding Anniversary
08/25/2014 Charles D. Fox, IV In Memory of Charles D. Fox, III, 1929-2014
09/08/2014 Rick and Priscilla Ellison In Celebration of their Wedding
09/11/2014 Steve and Janice Huppert In Honor of the 9/11, in Honor of his Birthday, and in Memory of his wife, Janice
09/21/2014 William G. and Judith Foster, Jr. A Day to Remember
11/04/2014 Ellen Glover In Memory of Lynn Glover, III
11/05/2014 Jim Glanville and Deena Flinchum In Honor of the Virginia Patriots who made Resolves at Fort Gower in 1774
11/30/2014 Ray and Maxine Scott In Honor of their Wedding Anniversary
  Helen J. Miles  

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